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Serena Biagioni

Ovviamente Telefonia Imperia

What can I say... I couldn't be luckier! A really complete management software, and if you have a particular need no problem, just call and within a short time as if by magic you have everything you need, and 7 days a week!!! I'm recommending it to all my colleagues... It makes it easy for you to check in! Thanks to Raffaele, Mimmo and all the staff!

Stefano Carrozzi

A.U. Gruppo Ret Roma

Mira Solutions: A professional company, organized ready to solve any of our needs without neglecting the human side, a real step forward today in differentiation towards competitors.

Alessia Pintori

Vodafone Cagliari

By now it's some years that we use the management software Suite Mobile and we are very well, we strongly recommend it to all colleagues who want to improve the management of the warehouse and the store, thanks to the assistance and collaboration of the support always available, the use becomes of an extreme simplicity, it is also possible to check the progress of the children's goals both on sales and targets, simplifying the work of the owner.

Angelo Panucci


Good morning to all, for the first time a software company for the world of telephony (Vodafone) in a very specific way, very attentive to the needs of dealers with everything you need to keep track of numbers and targets, but very important control of phones delivered in subscriptions, promotions, discounts and various operator balances, check recharges, stock control and much more with a courtesy and above all professionalism at the top...

Matteo Giorgi

NLV Group

Finally a management software tailored to our business. Easy to use, always updated and developed. Moreover, the assistance from the entire Mira Solutions staff really makes the difference. I have already recommended it to several colleagues who are already appreciating it in turn.

Stefano Acampora

Vodafone Padova

Our experience is very positive and we are happy to have such a satisfactory customer/supplier relationship. We understand your effort to follow our needs and help us to better manage our store.

Fausto Salvaneschi

Electronic Center

Fantastic, I can manage my 4 stores in the best possible way, simple and versatile and with the assistance provided, quickly and easily, there are never any problems.

Carlotta Busi

Sintesi Store

Excellent management software, very well structured and I would say necessary for the complete management of a store both for macro aspects and details. Added value assistance, fast and operational at any time. I recommend especially to those who have multiple stores for a global vision and monitoring.

Do you also want to achieve these goals that will allow you to manage the store with much more serenity and ease, increase the number of customers, increase their loyalty and finally keep an eye on the economic relationship with your operator?

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